Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Drifters

I was at Air Edel Studios earlier this week to mix the score for an exciting new indie film The Drifters directed by Ben Bond and produced by Starcross Entertainment’s Iona Sweeney supported by Creative England and the BFI. It’s been brilliant to work on the music for this as part of the ZeroVU team with my partners, Nick Taylor (bass player and recording engineer at Air Edel) and multi-instrumentalist, Mitch Taylor.

The film has been described as a post-Brexit love story and tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers who meet as migrants in London trying to make sense of their new world. It’s beautifully filmed in London and the Devon coast and features rising stars Lucie Bourdeu and Jonathan Ajayi. We took a very pared back approach with the music to help convey the fragility of their relationship which is at times quirky, funny and bittersweet with a dark edge running through it. The film should be playing festivals later this year and I’ll post more info here.

L-R: Ben Bond (dir), Iona Sweeney (prod), and Mike and Nick Taylor (Mitch Taylor not in photo) - Zero-VU