Wednesday, 3 February 2010

'The Definitive Biography' of Ian Dury (by Will Birch)

Just finished chapter 3 of this book - fascinating and engrossing...

Will Birch, the author, did an incredible amount of detailed research - he even sought me out to get my perspective regarding the 2 year period Ian and I worked together on the album '4,000 Weeks Holiday'.

The book launch party was at the Groucho club on the 27th Jan - and it was a entertaining trip down a rather misty memory lane. I met up with some people I hadn't seen for a very long.... so long actually, I'm not going to say! Mari Wilson, Jenny Cotton, Ed Speight, Chaz Jankel, Terry Davies, Andrew King, Tracey MacLeod...Baxter turned up very late too.
It was a lovely reunion...all of us graduates of the 'Dury Experience'. Fond memories and stories were shared. A good night!
Here's a picture of me and Will Birch at the party (photo by Terry Lott)