Sunday, 27 September 2009

tracking sessions no. 2 with mary leay @ wincraft studios

what a great session we had with james towler at wincraft! totally beautiful vibe - in the cotswolds, lovely fresh air, no distractions... just into the music. miles bould on drums locked into the vibe perfectly. no click tracks, just instruments/people moving dynamically together. we laid down astrong foundations - 2 days of overdubs start tomorrow! it's shaping up into a classic album...

(left to right: miles bould, mary and me)

Sunday, 20 September 2009 new studio, near the heath!

i'm finally settled into my new studio space. it's going to be a nice change from the westend - as much as i enjoyed the energy of central london, i feel like i'm at a point where the focus i want to have is only going to come if i can visit the trees regularily. fresh air - good for the brain!
here's a picture;

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

moving on...bye bye denmark st.

well, it's been 4 years in denmark st. many wonderful songs have been written (mary -:) and 5 feature film scores worked on (vexille, the heavy, nothing like the holidays, me and orson welles, and forget me not).
it's been a great vibe being in the thick of the urban energy, but i'm at a point where the daily underground ride to tottenham court road - being forced to stand way too close to perfect strangers - is getting to me.
the carbon content in the vicinity is too intense; it's time to move on...