Tuesday, 12 January 2010

At the Dub for 'Just Ines', at The Korda Theatre, Shepperton

Right now I'm sitting in a very cosy couch in the Korda Theatre, Shepperton Studios...nice! Smart move these cosy couches... 
It's been an intense, but satisfyingly creative 3 weeks since I first watched the fine cut of 'Just Ines', Marcel Grant's 3rd feature film which stars French actress Caroline Ducey (Romance).

The editor, Kant Pan (The Crying Game), who I met while working on a  film we did during summer 2009 called 'Forget Me Not', phoned me up a week before Christmas and invited me in to meet Marcel. 
After watching the film, I did a few demos that Marcel liked, and he asked me to score the movie. 
(In photo, left to right: Kant, Mike and Marcel at Korda)

I mixed the music in 5.1 with James Towler at Steve Winwood's Studio in the Cotswolds, Wincraft - and it's sounding great here in the Korda!
(Mike and James outside the doorway into Wincraft Studio - the snow was beautiful!)

Friday, 1 January 2010

At Miloco Studio (The Pool) recording strings on my score for 'Just Ines' (Director Marcel Grant)

I got a great Xmas present from my lovely Tracey - a FlipHD pocket camera!
Here's a short clip of me working with a great friend and wonderful cellist, Jane Fenton, with James Towler engineering and our assistant, Joe.