Friday, 9 October 2009

a week of things coming together...with time and c.a.r.e.

this week it felt like a lot of things i've been working on came together... series 3 'live from abbey road' starts tomorrow - with the new title music i wrote and produced! mixed by nick taylor and drums by hugo degenhardt. great guys-:) extremely creative and i love working with them.

but the really cool thing is that i've signed a deal with tom glagow's jazz label, C.A.R.E.  he's a lover of jazz/world/new music. i'm grateful that people like him are still out there... an experienced music business executive who has an opinion that he believes in enought to 'go for it' and get behind a project he loves!
The album will be out in spring 2010 -it's called  'terra cognita'. the music has been a labour of love, something i've been working on in my spare time over the past 3 years - all compositions have been inspired by the nature, the climate change issues we face in our environment, and the healing/spiritual power of earth....
you can hear some tracks on myspace.
it's all good!

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