Friday, 2 October 2009

my buddy Brent Leung here for RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL

a film-maker friend, brent leung,  stayed with me here overnight yesterday evening because his film, the controversial 'HOUSE OF NUMBERS' was being shown at london's RAINDANCE film festival.

we hung out together and went to his film. it was interesting to see the film, especially after reading some of the passionate and sometimes agressive opinions by some of the press - but what was most interesting was that it didn't strike me as denialist (the claim made by many...) - though i could clearly see how a 'true denialist' could use it as 'evidence' to support their ideas.
my feeling about the film was that it highlighted some of the confusion i (and probably many people...) truely feel about how, why and what HIV-AIDS is! it didn't resolve anything particularily, but it carefully went through all the big questions related to the subject...questions which it seemed pretty clear to me (by the reactions of medical experts) don't have straightforward clear cut ansewers and which probably are reassessed often within the field. it sort of reminded me of the reactiion to questions raised about the US polical response/reaction to 911 - as it evolved from an attack by Osama Bin Laden to the 'axis of evil'. being in the usa at the time was wierd....i often felt judged by certain people (republicans usally...) if i questioned the bush administrations agenda - as if it's a betrayal of my country to question the leadership (basically wanting them to be accountable)  and decisions being made...

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